Join our amazing Barber Club, see top name barbers present live haircuts each week.  It’s totally interactive and you can ask as many questions as you like throughout the presentations. Ollie Foster, Alan Beak, Reece Beak, Hayden Cassidy, Paul Barbercode, Joe Cartmel, MJ Langley plus many other top name barbers will be demonstrating.

We will have features on photography, shaving, business advice, self improvement and social media plus many more important and interesting subjects related to our industry.

Club members will get virtual access to all our major shows throughout the year and benefit from great discounts on scissors, sharpening, furniture, amazing deals on products plus many more member offers and rewards.

Join up now and receive the following –

£10.00 FREE voucher from Salons Direct
£30.00 discount off any Scissors over £100 from Yoi Scissors
15 % discount at Dart Clippers
£30/50% off a GBBB BASH PACK

Total £80 plus in benefits and gifts!


Surcharge of £1.00 which covers PayPal fee.


Q: How long will my membership last?
Membership is £5.00 per week and is paid in four weekly instalment of £20.00, that covers a four week period. The direct debit will automatically be taken every four weeks until you cancel.

Q: Can I watch the tutorials if I’m unavailable for the live?
Yes, tutorials and all material will stay on the group page for you to watch at any time.

Q: What will the regular offers be?
We will have regular discounts and giveaways from our sponsors Osmo, Yoi scissors, Salons direct, Dart pro clippers and Jameson. Each month there will be a featured offer for members.

Q: What is meant by virtual access to show’s?
Our main shows in London, Dublin, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh will be happening as soon as we get the green light from the Government. We will be live streaming and have a live link to our members group from each of the Barber Bash events.

Q: What business advice can you offer?
Members are free to contact us any time (within working hours) for advise on business matters, staffing etc. We will have several business focus presentations throughout the year from guest speakers.

Q: If I need to can I cancel my membership?
A: You can cancel at any time, once your direct deb it is cancelled your membership will cease 4 weeks from your previous payment.

 Q: Does my membership get me discounts on courses and education?
A: Bespoke shop visits as well as our one and two day courses will be offered at a reduce price to members.