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Barber Battle Amsterdam 2018

Competitors will have 20 mins to create the fastest, cleanest fade. Each entrant will have the full 20 minutes if you finish quicker, that is no advantage. In the case of a tie, the total image of your model may be taken into consideration so please ensure you dress and style your model well.

Judged by Julius Caesar and Leah Hayden-Cassidy.
Limited spaces available, strictly on a first come first serve basis.
£26 competition entrance fee – this does not include your general entrance show ticket.

If models do not wish to purchase an entrance ticket for the show, they will be allowed access to the show from 4.45pm free of charge. The names must be passed onto us for security reasons.

Entry Price €30 (£26.00)

Winning Prize

Winner takes all cash prize – we are aiming to have at least 20 people enter so the prize could in the region of £500 plus the prestigious fast fade trophy. Most importantly you will have the amazing title of Barber Battle Amsterdam WINNER which gives you serious bragging rights!